How to fix Facebook app hanging problems?

The Facebook app is continuously hanging and unable to anything for it? Here are a few handy tips that can prevent this annoying issue and fix it in no time-


Restart Your Device

Turn your phone off and restart. The apps that keep running in the background and their processes will be closed after you restart your device. This way you can free the memory that might have been clogged.

Update Your Facebook App

Updating can enhance the performance of apps and the experience of users as well. So if your Facebook has an issue like freezing or crashing, a new update can fix it for you.

Check Your Internet Connection

Poor internet connection can force an app to freeze or crash. Before switching to a weak network from a stable network, close your Facebook app first. It can prevent your app from hanging.

Clear Cache and Data

Using an app may create a heap of cache and cause an app to freeze. But once you delete the cache, they start working normally.

Wipe Cache Partition


A corrupted file can freeze or crash your app. By wiping the cache partition, all the junk and temporary files will be removed.

Make Some Space Free

If you have some apps that are no longer in use, then you can uninstall them in order to free some space from your device. You can also free some space with the use of Cleaning apps available on Google Play Store.

Reinstall The App

Sometimes you need to re-install an app when a problem had continued to occur in an app. Delete the app > Open Google play > Find the app > Download and install it again.

If you follow these useful tips, then your Facebook hanging problem will surely vanish. Confronting difficulties in performing these steps? Fret not! Contact Facebook technical Support  USA and get the help from the technical experts.


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